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Dr. Lydia Ausberry

Dr. Lydia Ausberry’s passion for dentistry started at a young age, with her father owning a successful dental practice in San Francisco, CA for over 40 years. She worked at his dental practice throughout high school and college. Dr. Ausberry graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology. She continued her education at Howard University earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Dr. Ausberry is a firm believer that building strong relationships with her patients can have profound influence on generations within a family. She enjoys providing care and education to patients, allowing them to be awakened to what can be achievable in their overall health when they make oral health a priority. Dr. Ausberry looks forward to continuing to create open and honest relationships with her patients, where they know their care is always thoughtfully done, confidential, and of the utmost importance to her.

In her free time, Dr. Ausberry enjoys spending time with her husband, Carlos, and their 2 young girls. They are a health-oriented family, with her husband owning a gym in Santa Fe called Overload Gym. She also enjoys gardening, playing piano, jazz dance classes, Zumba, and crocheting the occasional blanket or scarf for a gift.


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